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You can review and update your personal information at any time by emailing admin@hypertension.ca

We only collect personal information relevant and necessary to our programs and services, which include:

  • Membership with Hypertension Canada, upon sign up;
  • Our monthly electronic newsletter, eINFO, upon sign up;
  • Our professional education programs, upon registration:
    • PEP (Professional Education Program) On-Line learning modules,
    • TTT (Train the Trainer) sessions and local workshops,
  • Our annual Canadian Hypertension Congress, upon registration or abstract submission;
  • Our educational materials, upon placing an order; and
  • Donations made via Canada Helps, upon donation.

We collect information fairly and lawfully, and directly from individuals wherever possible to ensure we do so accurately. At this time, we collect personal information through the activities listed above, through the method(s) you choose (via website, mail, phone, fax or verbal request) to request them. Here is our complete privacy policy.

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